NLP Solutions for Business Success

NLP Solutions for Business Success is for you if you are looking for:

  • Increased effectiveness and better results?
  • Skilled and focussed managers?
  • More effective communication at all levels of your organisation?
  • Stronger and more resourceful teams?
  • Defined goals, outcomes and targets? And a realistic approach to achieving them?
  • Clearer understanding of your client’s needs?

NLP Solutions for Business Success will teach you highly effective cutting edge techniques of NLP which you can utilize to bring about positive change for both you and your business. Businesses are embracing NLP as part of their culture more and more, knowing how effective it is for improving results and achieving goals through better communication and understanding.

This training is adaptable and suitable for all of your workforce. It is hands on and interactive and allows the delegates to learn and then experience the techniques in action in the safe and non-judgemental environment of the training room.

We can offer you NLP Solutions as a 1 or 2 day training. The course content will vary a little dependent on the number of days, the delegates involved and your specific outcomes. We will design the content of the training around your requirements.

The content will include:

– An introduction to NLP background and principles
– The Mindset and Principles of Success
– Communication; effective verbal and non verbal communication
– Building and maintaining rapport with others
– Feeling at your best whenever you want to; managing your state
– Utilizing your senses to understand others
– Setting achievable goals and steps to achieving them
– Gaining insight into other people’s points of view
– Values and beliefs- what is important to you; yours and your organisations

On the 2 day training we offer the opportunity for the delegates to work with actors in role play and forum theatre and experience the techniques used in real life scenarios. The content of this training can be adapted for your company’s specific needs – eg team working, client relations, customer service.

Please CONTACT US for more information or to discuss your requirements.