Are you an actor?

Or do you work behind the scenes in television, film, theatre or radio?

~ Have you lost your confidence?
~ Do you feel stuck?
~ Are you overwhelmed by your workload or the ‘business of you’?
~ Do you seem to have lost your focus and direction?
~ Have you lost the passion for the career you once loved?
~ Do you want to move up in your career?
~ Do you want a career change but don’t think you have any transferable skills?

If one of these statements resonates with you, you’ve come to the right place!  We are here to help you move forward with clarity, confidence and focus.  We work with actors and creative professionals and understand where you are coming from.

With our combination of creative backgrounds – Alison as a Line Producer and First Assistant Director in television and film, and Michael as an actor in television, film, theatre and radio, as well as in the corporate arena – we bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience which we can share with other creative people to help you re-ignite the passion for in your work and life, and move forward with clarity and confidence.

We offer a unique approach through workshops and coaching specifically designed for actors and creative professionals. 


One to one coaching gives you the opportunity of some personal time with your coach to explore what you want and how you get there.  It’s your time, with someone who is empathetic and non-judgemental.  Its a time to be open and honest; you can say what you want as every session is confidential.

Coaching is available with Alison, Michael or both!   And it can be face to face or by Skype/phone.  (Face to face sessions may take place on our lovely boat in London or in a private room in central London).  One to one coaching from £75 per session.

Discounts available:
~ Book 4 or 6 sessions and receive a discount (T&Cs apply)
~ Discounts for members of Equity and BECTU members.

If you would like to find out more about our coaching, or to book your sessions, please EMAIL US, to arrange  a no obligation chat.  We prefer to speak with our new clients before they sign up to work with us, so that we can be sure we can help you and that we are the right coaches for you.