Creative Training & Coaching from Sensability

What we do….

At Sensability we work with both businesses and individuals offering training, workshops and coaching for both areas.  Our background is in the creative industries – Alison as a Line Producer in television and film, and Michael as a actor in television, film, theatre and radio, as well as in the corporate field.  Our experience leads us to deliver creative approaches and solutions in training and coaching and a unique understanding of actors and creative individuals.

What can we do for you?

For Business

Sensability’s trainings are informative and interactive.  We use actors in both our training and coaching to enhance the client and delegate experience giving practical, hands on skills practice in a friendly and supportive environment.

The core of our creative training & coaching is communication.
Clear communication is key for every good business and for every business professional
That’s communication within your company as well as with your clients and customers.  And it’s not just about what you say, it’s also about how you say it.  Did you know the majority or our face to face communication is non-verbal?shutterstock_146672645

  • Do you get the results you seek when you communicate with your clients and customers?
  • What about with your teams and managers?
  • Are you confident when pitching an idea, speaking at a meeting or selling?
  • Do you quake when you have to deal with a difficult situation or conversation?
  • Did you know better communication can also save you time?

Everyone communicates in a different way.  Imagine how it would be for you and your business if you could understand your own communication style and that of others better, enabling you to be more flexible and able to communicate more effectively, even with people who seem to be on a different wavelength from you.

Our communication training will transform your own communication and the communication within your company to create a more productive environment with less frustration and stress leading to better outcomes for you and your business.

We regularly use ACTORS IN BUSINESS to enhance the training experience by allowing delegates to try out real life scenarios in the safety of the training environment.  This is a very popular enhancement to the training.  We can also hire our Actors in Business to other training organisations to use within their own trainings.

Our courses are available in house and some are open courses which are available to the public.

Our COACHING is for one to one, teams and groups, working with either Alison or Michael, or both.

If you don’t see what you are looking for,  please CONTACT US as we may be able to design a bespoke programme specifically for your company.

For individuals

Alison and Michael work closely with ACTORS and CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS, helping them to reconnect with the passion in their work and lives.

Television and film are the only industries where creative people are often asked to work for free, or very little money, and take the work believing it may be a stepping stone to future success.  Of course, sometimes it does lead on to other things, and sometimes it doesn’t.

There are more actors than there are parts and, for them, it is not only about whether they can act, it is about the way they look and sound.   It is similar and different for those behind the scenes, as, for them it is not about what they look like or sound like, but there are more people than jobs and there is stiff competition for every role.  With long hours and tight budgets, things can be very stressful and the excitement can die.

You can see how easy it is to lose your passion and focus for what you love to do.  And what else can you do, or indeed do you want to do anything else?

We can help you re-ignite the passion and find your direction again whether it is in your career or your life/work balance.

One to one COACHINGspaces available now with Alison or Michael.  EMAIL US to arrange a no obligation chat.

Please GET IN TOUCH and let us know how we can help you with your creative training & coaching needs.  Or email or call 0044 7976 246151.