Here’s some of the things our clients have said about working with Sensability.

“Amazing.  I learned more than I expected”.  Delegate on 1 day training

Alison has coached me on how to deliver presentations confidently and calmly, by providing me with a number of excellent techniques and tools.  Using those tools meant I was able to deliver presentations much better and I even got to a point where I began to enjoy it. Something I never thought possible. Alison’s style is very personable, engaging and reassuring and I can thoroughly recommend her. SG, Manager

Alison Matthews provided me with a new, positive outlook in as little as an hour, and the tools to counteract negativity which may arise in the future.  If you need someone to help you step back, reassess, regroup and move forward, Alison is the woman for you.  EH, Director

Sensability makes perfect sense! SA, Consular Liaison, RBI

Being freelance in a creative industry can be difficult, frustrating and at times even soul destroying. Alison Matthews gave me the tools to remain positive and confident which is half the battle. She also helped me to deal with the stumbling blocks which impede one’s success.I highly recommend life coaching with Alison to anyone working in the media or related creative industry who wants to refresh their mindset and move on in their career. Writer

This training has exceeded my expectations.  I feel as if I am no longer able to hold myself back because my mind wont let me.  Don’t just think about doing NLP, do it! CK, film maker

NLP has empowered me to believe that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it. NS, Manager

This course was a revelation. I journeyed to parts I never thought possible and helped all the way by so much kindness and experience. HO, Teacher

“Highly recommended”

“Concise presentation that gave me an excellent insight into the importance of verbal and non-verbal communicating”

Thank you so much for facilitating our away day and the workshop on stress etc.  We especially enjoyed the role play which was entertaining and made such an impact.  I can highly recommend your pleasant style and effective and efficient manner.  Thank you. DS & team, local council

Thank you so much for helping me become clearer with my present state and my future. AF, student

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the concepts of NLP and applying them in my life. TM, student & trainer 

Just brilliant. So, so inspiring. NM, Dentist

Amazing!  Alison knows what to do and how to do it and make it interesting and enjoyable. CK, film maker

Alison is an excellent trainer! Brilliant use of metaphors. NS, Manager

Alison is very observant and zeroed in on situations very quickly and gave specific and useful feedback to move us on quickly. DM, Consultant