Using Actors in Business

Sensability trainings regularly include actors for forum theatre and role play, adding a dynamic and highly effective experiential learning opportunity for the delegates.

actors in businessMichael Eaves heads up Sensability’s Actors in Business. Michael has many years of expertise in this area, regularly working in this capacity.  He also works with other training organizations to design trainings to incorporate role play and forum theatre as well as writing the ‘scripts’.

We have a team of actors who work regularly, at all levels, in the corporate arena.  We know all of the actors on our books personally, and, therefore, we are are able to offer you the most suitable actor to meet your requirements.

The services we provide are:

Actors for Recruitment
Role play is often used in recruitment as part of the interview process.  Our actors are highly experienced in this kind of work. We can offer you suitable actors who are experienced in the recruitment process.

Actors for Training
If you are a trainer and would like to hire actors from us for role play or forum theatre, please contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will find you suitable, experienced actors for your training.

Consultants in Training Development and Recruitment
We can also work as consultants to develop your training or recruitment process, incorporating actors into it.  We can write suitable role play or forum theatre scenarios and character briefs and then supply suitable actors to work with you in the training or recruitment.

Corporate Video
We can work with you to develop your corporate videos, with as much or as little input from us as you wish.  We can write, cast, film and edit your video in full or do just one of those processes as a consultant.

Mystery Customers
We can help you to assess your Customer Service and identify areas which may need to be addressed with some training or coaching with our actors engaging with your company as ‘Mystery Customers’.   This can be a one-off assessment or part of a training programme.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.