Our Coaching Programmes

Our coaching programmes are available face to face, via Skype or by phone and can be one to one, for teams or groups.  It is available with Alison or Michael or both.

Executive Coaching

Ideal for Leaders and Managers. Using an external coach offers the opportunity for coachees to be more open than they might be with their managers because the coach is neutral and has a different perspective. Some reasons you may wish to hire a coach for your leaders and managers are:
~ Developing individuals and teams
~ Creating understanding and processes for more effective use of time and resources
~ Developing greater customer and client care
~ Establishing clearer and more effective communication internally and externally
~ Managing change
~ Developing resources for managing and leading others
~ Establishing techniques and confidence in dealing with difficult situations
~ Confidence in delivering pitches and presentations at high levels
~ Career development and succession
~ and many more…

We suggest 6 sessions over a period of 3-6 months.  This programme will include the profiles Extended DISC and iWAM if appropriate.

Life Coaching

This is for individuals who want to focus on their own personal and professional development, to enable them to move forward in general or specific aspects of their life be it work/life balance, managing stress, health and wellness, career, family, change or a very specific issue.  The coaching process will enable the coachee to determine, clarify and align what they want, overcome blocks and move forward in their life and/or work, making well informed choices and developing strategies and action plans for success.  Some reasons you may chose to have life coaching could be:
~ Work/life balance is out of balance
~ You are experiencing stress and overwhelm
~ You have had a major life or work change
~ You want to change or progress in your career or start your own business
~ You’ve lost confidence and self belief
~ You want to achieve greater health, fitness and wellbeing
~ and more…

We recommend 4-6 sessions over a period of 2-6 months to achieve the greatest clarity and results.  We may offer Extended DISC or iWAM profiles if it’s appropriate to the content of the coaching.

Clarity Coaching

A one off, 60 minute session focussed on one specific topic or issue.  This is ideal if you have previously had coaching and ‘something has come up’.  You don’t need a full programme, just the opportunity to gain clarity around the issue and create solutions and a plan to move forward.

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