Actors in Business

Why use Actors in Business?
More and more companies are realizing the benefit of working with training companies who use actors in their trainings.  Role play and forum theatre provide a lively and participatory learning and assessment tool in all areas of people development where people skills and communication are key.

From leadership to customer service it enables you to find and develop the right personnel.

What is Role Play?
Role play is a key assessment tool in recruitment to test key people skills in a relevant situation. Highly skilled and experienced actors create an environment for assessors to observe objectively how a candidate reacts with customers, reports or stakeholders, responds to situations and makes decisions.  This enables the assessor to observe objectively and have the option of external feedback from the actor to support their notes.

In development and training, role play can take learning and make it real and memorable. Actors briefed with relevant scenarios create a comfortable and safe environment for delegates to practice new skills, try new approaches and see what works for them. The actor can stop time, rewind and start again and the delegate can seek advice from the trainer or colleagues and learn by doing it themselves either with the team, in small groups or individually.

What is Forum Theatre?
For delegates unsure about standing up in front of a group or for groups too large for everyone to participate in the time available we use two actors in a theatre type setting. One of them takes the part that the delegate would have if it was role play and starts a conversation with the other actor on the chosen topic.  The first actor then asks the group for feedback and advice, and goes back to the other actor and tries out their suggestions in the scenario.  This enables the delegates to see different scenarios played out, which are based around their feedback.  Forum Theatre provides a lively and interactive learning opportunity.

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