1 Day Introductory Diploma in NLP

Discover what NLP is all about on this
1 Day Introductory Diploma in NLP 

In just one day, you can learn a lot about NLP and how it can be empowering for you, your clients, your customers and your business.  And you’ll learn techniques which you can use straight away.

Find out how you can change the way you think and set yourself up for success.

DATES – Spring/Summer 2015:
Saturday 30th May – Stamford, Lincolnshire
Wednesday 10th June – Grantham, Lincolnshire
Thursday 25th June – Stamford, Lincolnshire
Saturday 4th July – Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Wednesday 22nd July – Stamford, Lincolnshire
Thursday 30th July – Lincoln
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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as it is a set of powerful, well established techniques used for personal development, coaching, therapy, business, leadership and manaagement, sales, team working , sports coaching, education and in any area where people want to achieve better results for themselves and others and be the best they can be.   NLP can help you to:

  • Discover and apply the key principles which make people successful.
  • Control your emotions and change the way you feel to improve your outcomes.
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem.
  • Build meaningful and fulfilling relationships, both professionally and personally.
  • Understand your own behaviour and motivations and that of those around you.
  • Rid yourself of unwanted negative habits and beliefs and replace them with positive ones.
  • Gain more clarity, focus and motivation to change the way you approach tasks.
  • Transform your communication – verbal and non-verbal for optimum results.
  • Set realistic goals AND achieve them.
  • AND use all of these techniques to help others transform their lives, too.

What’s stopping you from taking the first step towards changing your life today?

On this 1 Day Introductory Diploma in NLP you’ll learn highly effective and easy to use techniques and find out how these can be used in everyday life.

The group will be small and the atmosphere relaxed to enable the best possible opportunity for you to learn and there will be plenty of hands on practice of the techniques to ensure that you can use them confidently afterwards.

You will also have time to ask questions about the techniques you have learned and to help you gain clarity around how you would like to apply NLP in your own life, to help others or within your business.

You do not need any prior knowledge of NLP to attend this day.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with an interest in their own personal development
  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Leaders and managers
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Sports professionals and coaches
  • Sales and Customer Service Professionals
  • Educators

If you’re not sure if NLP is for you, come along and find out on this 1 Day Introductory Diploma in NLP!

TIME:  1000-1630
VENUE:  Various in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire (see top of page)
PRICE:  £75 inclusive of training materials, certificate of attendance, tea/coffee.
 If you later sign up to an NLP Diploma or Practitioner training with Sensability, this fee will be taken off the price of the course.
TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW:  Email or call +44 7976 246151.
Groups are small, so places are limited.  Book now to avoid disappointment.