NLP and mBraining

What is NLP and mBraining?

Lets look at NLP first…
NLP  is very flexible and provides a powerful set of techniques for those who want to achieve exceptional results, personally and professionally.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is the study of how people organize their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to create their results. NLP techniques and concepts are cutting edge and have an excellent track record for helping individuals and businesses to achieve empowering, positive and long lasting changes and outcomes.

Everyone creates their own understanding of the world, through the experiences they have throughout their lives. We make sense of this information through our five senses of sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste and create an internal representation and understanding of any event or situation in this way. This representation then determines how we feel, behave and, ultimately, the results we get.

NLP will help you understand yourself and others, though recognising what is important to you, language and communication (verbal and non verbal), gaining insight into other peoples points of view, putting situations into perspective, goal setting for success, understanding the structure of success, overcoming disempowering behaviours and beliefs and many other progressive techniques.

Many individuals and organisations study and utilize the techniques of NLP to help them be more effective and resourceful and to achieve their goals, targets and outcomes. Everyone can use NLP, whatever they do in life or whatever their business. You may like to consider some NLP training if you work in education, media, customer relations, sales, marketing, coaching, healthcare, sport and personal development to name just a few.

Wherever people interact, NLP can be used to develop people and enhance performance and outcomes.

And now let’s look at mBraining or mBIT …
mBIT,  stands for Multiple Brain Integration Techniques and is also known as mBraining, is where science meets ancient wisdom. The latest research in neuroscience shows that we have 3 brains! We all know about the brain in our head and now we know that we also have a heart brain and a gut brain. These brains may also be called ‘intelligences’ or ‘intelligence centres’.

Our multiple brains have specific functions to help us make sense of and operate at our full potential in our world and sometimes they get confused and one may be overriding the others. Have you ever heard yourself say “‘My heart says ‘x’ but my head says ‘y’” or “I had a gut feeling about this”?

An mBIT Coach can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be by aligning your 3 brains, so that they operate in harmony, guiding you towards your desired outcome in the best way possible. To do this, we use the mBIT routemap, simple questioning, along with gentle breathing techniques to help you overcome the obstacles and blocks which stand in the way of your successful outcomes.

You can find out more about mBIT at

NLP and mBIT Coaching and Training

Now you know what NLP and mBIT are you may like to engage with them a bit more.  At Sensability we can offer you coaching with NLP and mBIT and also certified NLP trainings and mBIT coach training.

Alison and Michael use NLP and mBIT along with traditional and creative coaching practices with their coaching clients.

  • Evolve Your World and mBIT Coach Certification Training to be held in Stamford, Lincolnshire (UK)  and London in 2017.  Find out more at mBIT Coach Certification.

    We are not planning to run any NLP certification training in the immediate future, however, NLP based short trainings will still be available.